Saturday, October 1, 2011

"I need a little fixin"

Yesterday Rick was struggling to adjust the brace that holds his right arm, and finally after a great try he looked at me and said " I need a little fixin'".We both laughed so hard! Don't we all! I learn so many lessons from Rick and our journey everyday. I learn that I am stronger than I thought, more in love than I knew,and boy do I need some fixin'!
I asked Rick the other day if he ever said "why me" and he said " no, I would never change any of this". I am amazed at him and his attitude everyday. He is truly a man that his children and grandchildren can deem a hero!! I believe that I am living with and being loved by a man that needs very little fixin'. His faith is so strong and his testimony of Christ and the atonement is so moving. He has such a humble sweet spirit about him. I can be stressed out of my mind and he, in his gentle way, will hold my hand or give me a sweet kiss and my world stops spinning and all is well.
I may be considered a caregiver, at this time, to my sweet Rick, but truth be told he takes better care of me than I could ever of him. I am so blessed to be with rick and am grateful he loves me in spite of the fact that I need a little fixin'.

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  1. We just heard about your husband. He sounds like an incredible man. You're in our prayers!

    The Sullengers