Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ricks Birthbay Blast

I had been racking my brain to figure out what to do for Ricks birthday. I wanted to find a gift that would mean a lot and would show him how amazing I think he is. I came up with the idea of a surprise party. I decided that it would give me not only the opportunity to show my love for Rick but give his friends and family the same oppertunity. I came up with a Harley Davidson theme. Then I decided on the place and the food. Then I started getting the guests together. I then knew I needed a plan to throw Rick off, so I told him I had to cater a party for some extra Christmas cash. Sounded good to me but Brittney informed me I am a terrible lier. I still think he was surprised when we entered the banquet room at the Marriott and there were over two hundred people to greet him and wish him happy birthday! It was a wonderful night full laughter and tears. So much love from so many! Happy birthday my sweetheart and many many more!

Hope form he holidays and other blessings

Rick and I have had so many blessings and miracles along our journey. We have had family give us a place to stay in Utah, we have had meals and visits and kindness from friends as well as complete strangers. Our friends and employees did a baked food sale, white market flee market sponsored a benefit for us. Recently a group of friends put together a fund raiser,"hope for the holidays", it was at the Madison, Rigby basketball game. Many generous donations were given for a raffle and many cash donations were given. The announcer announced we were there and that we wanted to say thank you,the crowd rose and gave Rick a standing ovation. We were both moved to tears. I can't tell you how much the donations have helped lightened our load, but how hard it is to accept such gifts. I have always loved to give but never have enjoyed receiving as much. but the spirit that accompanied these kind acts has been so powerful! I am grateful to have such amazing people in our life. I am grateful to have witnessed the spirit of generosity,love and Christ like service.Thank you to all! We love you!

Getting caught up

So much time has past since my last post. We came back to Idaho in November and have been crazy busy trying to catch up on all that has been neglected. So here goes a few months.....
The second week or so that we were home Rick and I went out to dinner and as we were going inside the Resturant I could tell that there was something very wrong. Rick stared blankly at me and lost all control of his legs. We got him sat down and I ask him if he thought something serious was going on he said it could be so we went to the E.R and they started running tests. After the results came back a doctor took me aside and said that the MRI looked bad and he thought we needed to get to the doctors in salt lake soon. We headed down and after looking things over the doctors agreed that it looked as if the cancer was spreading. The doctors suggested that we get a MRI of his spine as well as the brain. We did and it confirmed our worst fears that the cancer was spreading and that the previous treatments had not worked. We were told that Rick could start a new treatment that the doctors hope would buy him some more time. Rick agreed to the treatment. First treatment went well,but a week after Rick suffered a very severe seizure. We both were scared and I prayed out load as we held each other and I pleaded with the lord to help him through. We made it through and called the doctor they added some more anti seizure medication.Rick is right side impaired and the medication increased his weakness as well as made him sleep a lot. He is a amazing and is my rock he holds my hand each night while we sleep and wakes up each morning with a smile.