Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fight Like A Trojan!!

I am really behind in my posts, so I will try to catch up.
If you aren't a USC fan you should be!! Rick is a HUGE USC fan and a couple of weeks ago he got a visit from John Martinez a player at USC who came home to Utah for the weekend. We got a knock at the door and there in the doorway stood a really BIG guy with REALLY BIG hair. He came in and hugged Rick as if he had known him all his life. They talked for a while and then John took out a jersey that he had brought. There were autographs from coach Kiffin as well as many of the starting line-up. Rick was overcome with emotion to think that these guys would take the time to do this for him. John told us that he was planning on bringing a t-shirt and needed to get permission from the compliance office. When he asked they said they would do one better and so the jersey. When coach heard he was the first to sign it. What a classy group of men. Thank you John for your BIG heart that is BIGGER than your hair. FIGHT ON!!


  1. I wish and pray for the best for your family! I came across you blog via the Sullengers. As a USC family, we say FIGHT ON Rick!

  2. Your family is an amazing example of faith and love. My prayers are with you and your family! I came across your blog via Facebook thru Natalie McWhorter. What an amazing story you have shared. I wish the best for you! Love the pictures of your family... they are adorable.