Thursday, October 6, 2011


I think today I learned more about life and myself than I have in a while. Rick and I were talking about appreciating the seemly small things and tasks in life and Rick said, "cancer has taught me about my world". I think when you are in the position to need to have assistance  for many tasks throughout the day. it must make you think about how hard it is to have Independence lost. But as Rick has lost some Independence I have learned the true meaning of service. I have learned to give of my self and know that the service I receive back will not be in a physical way but yet in an emotional,spiritual way.The service that Rick renders to me at this time is that of love,kindness,appreciation . No he can't vacuum the floor or make me dinner but he can ooh and aah over the dinner I prepare for him, he can put his arm around me and just hold me. I never knew the true meaning of service until now.  I was feeling so home sick and missing the stores,wanting to be there and take care of the stores and our  friends who work for us. I was feeling so over whelmed and Rick held me and said " you need to put away the happy face and know you  will have hard times" I told him that I don't want people to see me as weak." He said that is when you become strong" Thank you Rick for allowing me to love and serve you. Thank you for serving me!

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